december . V3, N6, 2014

International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Research

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English Learning Motivation: the case study of Female Students in Ilam, Iran

 Mohammad Aliakbari, Shaho Ahmadi 



The Effectiveness of Attention Games on Reduction of  Executive Functions Deficits in Boys with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Single- Subject Research

Salar Faramarzi, Maryam Ahmadzadeh, Ahmad Abedi



The Effect of Metacognitive Learning Strategies Training on Listening Performance of Iranian Intermediate English Language learners

 Keramat Ahmadi, Ali Mohammad Ahmadi Gharacheh, Ahmad Karimi Dashtaki,Reza Ebdam                                                                                         499-509


Relationship between Different Types of Motivation and Self-Esteem with Emphasis on the Mediating Role of Happiness

 Afsaneh Marziyeh, Gholamhasan Panahi




Effectiveness of sensory learning programs in visual and perceptual skills of children with learning disabilities

Fatemeh Rajabi Fard, Mahnaz Esteki, Kambiz Poushneh, Mehdi Alizadeh



The Relationship between Achievement Goals and Educational Emotions of Students in Isfahan University

Zahra Mir Mosayyeb, Ali Yazdi Khasti, Fariborz Sedighi Arfaei



Methodological Sources of Bias Affecting On Subjective Well-Being (SWB)

 Mehrdad Mazaheri



Investigation of the Effects of Exercise and Physical Activities on the Happiness and Willingness to Communicate among the Depressed Women

 Najmeh Hamid, Leila Bakhshi Sourashjani



Impact of Training of Chess on Executive Functions (Functions of Planning, Problem-Solving, Attention and Flexibility) of Dyslexic Elementary School Second Graders of City Of Tehran

 Mahnaz Estaki, Kambiz Poshaneh ,Maryam Yadollahi, Khalil Ebrahimian



Conflict Management Styles and Their Relationship with Managers’ Occupational Personality

 Abdulwahab Pourghaz, Hossein Jenaabadi, Fateme Mirshekari



The Relationship between Primary Incompatibility Schemas with Parenting Styles and Marital Satisfaction among Married Women

 Karim Nikfar, Kourosh Sayehmiri, Satar Kiekhavany, Jahanshah Mohammadzadeh




Effectiveness of Attachment-Based Intervention in Eating Behaviors of Obese Girls

 Zahra Dasht Bozorgi, Sho’leh Amiri, Ali Mazaheri, Houshang Talebi



Comparing   Normal And Physically Handicapped Students of Azad University of Ramhormoz , Regarding Self – efficiency and ways of coping with problems

 Fariba kalantari, Mariam Esfahani Asl



The Relationship between Creativity and Iranian EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension

ShabnamAmini Naghadeh, Sahdi Kasraey, Hamid Maghdour, Masoumeh Eyvezi



Comparison of Depression, Social Isolation and Self-Esteem among Internet Users and Non-Internet Users of Ahvaz Girl High School

 Parviz askary, Alireza heidarie, Tahereh darabi



The relationship between anxiety and Iranian EFL learners’ narrative writing performance

Mansour Amini Naghadeh, NaserAmini Naghadeh, Sahdi Kasraey, Hamid Maghdour, Shokoufeh Kasraie



Investigation of the Relationship between Parents’ Marital Satisfaction and   Depression of Female High School Students in Yasouj City

 Bahram Movahed



Evaluation of a Life Skills Training Workshop Aimed at Improving Quality of Life in Primipara Women

 Roghieh NooruPour, Joshua Matacotta, Ahmad fayaz Baksh



The Relationship between Performance Management and Job Motivation of the Staff Working in Petrochemical Company

 Saeed Savadkouhi, Shahram Vahedi



Comparison of Mathematical Problems and Academic Adjustment between Students with and Without Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

Hamideh Iri, Naser Sobhi




The effect of training the Quran stories on the emotional intelligence of less than 14 years learning prone Handicapped in ilam province

Mojgan Mirabizadeh, shahram Mami



  The Comparison of the Ability of Number Sense in Two Groups of Students with and Without Learning Difficulties in Mathematics

Dr. Kambiz Poushaneh, Dr. Mehdi Davaee, Mohadeseh Mohammadi




Investigation of the relationships among narcissism, humanity, interpersonal control perception and envy in male and female Employees of Chamran University of Ahvaz


Sirus Alipoor Birgani, Simin Zeqeibi Ghannad & Sahar Hesami