International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Research

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Effects of Feedback with Different Frequency on Throwing Skill Learning In Preschool Children

Ali naghdi Fath Abadi, Seyede Nahid Shetab Boshehri, Adorahmane Mehdipour, Mohammad Hossein Zamani


Role of personality traits in the prediction of job satisfaction of elementary school teachers in Karaj City

Zohreh Zebarjadian, Ahmad Agha Zadeh



Relationship between self–efficacy and academic achievement among high–school students

Mohammadreza Tamannaeifar, Hakimeh Leis



Impact of Teaching Critical Thinking Skills on Self-Efficacy of Nursing and Midwifery Students

Shahdokht Azadi, Golnaz Gholipour , Saeed Habibollahi



Comparison of Social, Affective, Educational Adjustment and Academic Achievement between the Students with Learning Disability and Normal Students

Mohammad Reza Tamannaeifar, Tahereh Joshaghan Nezhad


The Relationship between Multiple Intelligence Types and L2 Reading Skill among Iranian High School Students

Gholamreza Jokar, Akbar Hesabi


The Effect of Early Family-Centered Psychological and Educational Interventions on the Expressive and Receptive Language Skills Development in Children with Hearing Loss

Hassan Khoshakhlagh, Ahmad Behpajooh, Golamali Afrooz, Salar Faramarzi


Comparison of Career Adaptability in Employed and Unemployed Undergraduates of Isfahan University

Nooshin.Pordelan, Mohamad Reza Abedi, Iran Baghban, Parisa Nilforooshan


The Relationship of Personality Characteristics, Family Functioning and Sensation Seeking With Tendency to Vandalism in Male Secondary School Students

Gholam Hossein Maktabi, Maryam Baninaeim, and Naser Behrozi


Prediction of Creativity and Academic Achievement Based on Child Rearing Styles

Sedighe Mozafari




A comparative study of David Kolb’s learning styles among engineering and art students of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) University in 2013


Mojtaba Dastour