International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Research

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Effectiveness of Group Play Therapy in Reducing Generalized Anxiety in Female Elementary Students

Parvin Fathalipouri, Behnam Makvandi, Alireza Heidarie


On the secondary school teachers’ perceptions of students’ misbehavior: The case of Iranian male and female teachers

Mohammad Aliakbari,  Alireza Mirzaee, Hassan Tarlani Aliabadi


Comparison of emotion regulation and emotion control in fertile and infertile women

Shirin Dana, Mohammad Narimani, Nilofer Mikaeili


Investigation the impact of paint therapy on communication skills of shyness female students

Maryam Shahri, Mehdi Moeinikia, Adel Zahed, Mohammad Narimani, Hasan Sdeghi 


Determinate the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral intervention on mental health and life quality of mother’s children with autism

Fariba Shahpour , Ozra Qafari, Hossein Gamari


The Correlation of Alexithymia with Emotional Intelligence, Depression, and Anxiety in the Students of Ahvaz Islamic Azad University

Behnam Makvandi


Analyzing the Textbook Content of Elementary Grade (School) In Iran Based On The Concepts of Citizenship Education

   farzad mohammadjani, Narges Kashtiaray, Zohreh Saadatmand 


The relationship between multiple intelligences and Iranian high school students’ L2 writing achievement

Ehsan Naseri,Daryush Nejad Ansari

282- 290