International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Research

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The comparison of employees’ followership styles in Their job attitudes

Mojtaba Amanollah Nejad Kalkhoran1, Abdolzahra Naami, and Kiumars Beshlideh


Comparison ofpsychological mental statebetween children with learning disabilities and normal children

Alireza Balouti


Schema therapy based on metaphorical-allegorical narrative training in therapeutic data retrieval of dysthymic patients

Alireza Ahmadian, Neda Smaeeli Far, Mohammad Hatami, Hamid Reza Hasan Abadi


The role of self-knowledge in addiction potential in students

Nader Hajloo, Hasan Sadeghi, Zahra Habibi, Karim Babayi


Effectiveness of time management strategies training in students’ anxiety and academic performance

Mohammad Ghamari, Hamed Barmas, Mehrtaj Biglari


The relationship betweenspatialintelligence and reaction time

MohammadSadeghTamri, Sajad Yasserimoghadam


Effectiveness of social skills training in homesickness, social intelligence and interpersonal sensitivity in female university students resident in dormitory

Soodabeh Bassak Nejad, Sahar Pak, Yadolah Zarghar


Comparison of the mental health, happiness and immune system performance in depressive and normal women

Najmeh Hamid, Maryam Ghaazaei