International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Research

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Effectiveness of Schema Therapy based on Integrative Metaphorical-Allegorical Narrative Training in the Treatment of Dysthymic Disorder

Ali Reza Ahmadian, Neda Smaeeli Far, Mohammad Hatami, Hamid Reza Hasan Abadi, Natalia Cocariva



Relationship between Personality Traits and Internet Addiction of Students at Kharazmi University

Zahra Akhavi Samarein, Neda Smaeeli Far, Masoumeh Yekleh, Shahram Tahmasebi, Fereidoun Yaryari, Vali-allah Ramezani, Lauren Sandi



Comparative Study of Mankind’s Hierarchy of Needs according to the Defined System by Abraham Maslow and Imam Ali (AS)

Javaher Eisazadeh, Zahra Ghanbar Pour



Concept and Basis of Cultural Intelligence according To Nahj and Modern Philosophers

Zahra Ghanbar Pour, Javaher Eisa Zadeh



Comparison of Cognitions of Suicide, Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Suicide-Attempters and Attempters in Ahvaz City

Elham Khoramzadee, Nasrin Mahmoodi Qale Noee, Ali Hassan Rahmani


Psychological Disorders among Women with Primary Infertility and Fertile Women

S. Amani-Vamarzani, Y. A. Dusti, R. Hassanzadeh




Effectiveness of Cognitive – Behavioral Training on reduction of Dysfunctional Attitudes in patients with Diabetes type B


  Ilnaz Aj, Seyed Abdolmajid Bahrainian



Effectiveness of Teaching Time Management Strategies on Students’ Anxiety and Their Academic Performance

Zahra Ghanbarpur, Javaher Eisazadeh